Exhibition gallery open to the public in Prudhomme Saskatchewan.

Our Products

We also offer customized commission portraits. All gallery “photos” are sold same size 20″ x 16″ Hahnemuhle copies. Selling exclusively, $300 each and only 10 copies of each will be made to sell.

Art painting copies in gallery are sold for the same price of $300 and at the same size of 20″ x 16″ and “8×10” copies for $150.00, only 10 of each are made to sell. Whether you are looking for customized commission portraits or want to buy our favorite pieces, we are always ready to serve you in the best way.

Tia-Maria Ocio

20" x 16" Hahnemule photo. $300 per copy

Whimsy Family

This is an original painting selling with frame for $3000 and the copies are selling for $300 20x16 Hahnemuhle photo

My Daisy

20" x 16" Hahnemule photo. Original sold. $300 per copy


acrylic commissioned monochrome painting

Not for sale original or copies. It's a commissioned piece


Copies $150.00 for individual pieces and $300. 00 for the set.


All copies are 16x20 on canvas or Hahnemuhle.
Canvas or Hahnemuhle copies are available in larger or smaller sizes .

Choose your plan


$ 29 Per Month


Full experience
$ 39 Per Month


Collaborate Group
$ 59 Per Month