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Kimberly Stevylynn Murgu

Kimberly Stevylynn Murgu born 1989 in Port-sydney Ontario Canada.  
Currently living and working in Saskatoon  Saskatchewan Canada

I work primarily in acrylic paint, creating medium to large scale works on canvas. I consider most of my work to be a warm, painterly variation of expressionistic art. Inspired by human expression and emotions, portrayed through my personal perspectives and point of view. Specializing in portraiture, so as to capture the heart and soul of the subject. 

Have graduated with my BFA 2023 at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon arts and Sciences.

Currently in my 4th and final year of a B.F.A. Honours Degree at the University of Saskatchewan, and have obtained over 10 years of experience creating and selling personalised portrait commissions, large murals for businesses and homes, as well as other independent works. 


Kimberly Stevylynn Murgu art work exhibited at the Saskatoon Exhibition Art Gallery.  August 14 – 17 2022.

Art piece Scarlett recievid a Committy Award.  Kimberly will be doing art judging for next year’s exhibition.  

It was a wonderful event and much appreciated.

Our Special Clients – https://agalleryofdreams.com/
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About Us

Kimberly Murgu is a local Saskatoon artist. She works mostly in acrylic, specializing in customized commission portraits. She is perusing a Fine Art Degree at the University of Saskatchewan, and is in her 4th and final year.

Kimberly prefers to work in rich earth tones on large sized stretched canvas. She can take a photograph of you or a loved one, and turn it into a one of a kind work of art. Just got married? She can do couples portraits! Lost a loved one? She can give you a work of art to remember them by!

If interested in purchasing a unique piece of art for your home or for a loved one, send her an email at kimberly.soulart@gmail.com
Or give her a call at 306 716 3868

Together As A Team We Are The Best

By combining academic analysis with hands-on practical experience, our goal is to equip passionate students with the knowledge and skills they need to lead independent lives and pursue their dreams. Guiding riders and learners to reach their potential as horsemen and horsewomen through equine assisted learning activities.


Having more than a decade of experience facilitating students with Horse riding lessons, EAL Sessions, and equine-assisted learning. Being experienced with my own children as a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother I can relate to parenting situations in life. Having raised my children with horses as a single parent has helped me build confidence in myself and my abilities working with children and offering facilitation to parents and caregivers. My life experience may help guide others.


With progressive and welcoming attitude, learners develop teamwork and skills that allow them to have a positive experience wherever they go to help build on their life experiences that they can take with them for future use in life.

Group Sessions

Equine assisted learning program is flexible for a group session; we offer great comfort to all during our EAL sessions. We also offer Horse Photography and customized commission portraits in group sessions as well.

Having A Healthy Horse

Special care of my horse. She is loved, healthy, bright, alert, and trained for equine assisted learning sessions. Calm, kind in her nature for pleasurable learning experiences with people.


I am a supporter and an advocate for horses welfare of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition against horse slaughter.

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